Question. Can i put LEd light on top of my Glass top or not?


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Am i losing performance and par? I just dont trust them hanging over my system the ball joint were a bit flimsy but i wonder if I am losing perferomance and shimmer effect?


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What kind of led light is? In my experience I have found that the shimmer gets better the higher you have your leds (to a point). Cant really comment about the performance without knowing what kind of fixture it is.

power boat jim

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The answer is yes. You are losing performance by having the light shine through a 2nd medium. Glass tops are nearly never salt or moisture free and are generally not made from the clearest glass. How much performance you lose is dependent on the combination of how the three above stated variables react with each other.


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Lamps and fixture will last longer with glass tops, no worries with fish jumping, and less evaporation. That fixture should be plenty strong to go through 1/8" glass.


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If you keep your glass tops clean, a 10-20% loss in lighting intensity seems well worth the advantages of having them (fish staying in the tank, less evaporation and better insulation).

Certainly, there are situations where the downsides outweigh the positives of glass tops, but you're rather unlikely to be struggling with an overheating system with LEDs.

Do keep in mind that LEDs are very sensitive to overheating - I'm not familiar with the Mazarra units, but placing the fixture directly on the glass top is probably unwise.

If you don't want to hang the fixture, I would elevate it off the top with legs so you can get some more airflow across the emitters.


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LEDs emit heat upwards into the heat sink.. not down into the tank. The reason you want to hang the LED fixture is to allow more light spread.. having it closer will give stronger intensity.