question for jeabo owners


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i have a 120 tank.....should i get 2-wp25's or 1 wp-40 or should i go big and get 2 wp40's. its a typical 120 4x2x2.


Team RC
I'd go big. I have 2 WP40's on my 75. I dial them down, but I'm glad I have two of them. They're not that different in price anyways.


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I'd go with 2 of what ever you get.
It gives you more options in positioning and pointing them.


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the 25s feel powerful but in my 6 ft tank they dont reach past the middle of the tank. my 40 blows all the way across


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I have a 40 and a 25 in my 90. Personally I thinks its too much flow with my mag 12 return pump. It might be alright if my tank was mostly sps. But a 6 foot tank would probably need the 40s