question on behavior of true percs


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I recently bought a mated pair of wild caught true percs from LFS. They are healthy, and adapted to my tank well in very short time. Got them only a little over a week ago. There is clearly a dominant female and a submissive male. They are both eating well.

A few days afterwords I got a bubble tip anemone (there weren't any available the day I bought the percs). The female took to the anemone within hours of it being introduced to the tank. The problem is that she won't share it with the male. The anemone is only about 4 inches across when fully opened. When the male comes near, the female nudges him away. She doesn't behave particularly aggressively, but she won't let him into the anemone at all. He has taken to hosting in a group of mushrooms on the other side of the tank.

Is it normal for a mated pair to not share an anemone when it is small? Will they share it when it gets larger, or should I buy another anemone and hope the male likes that one?


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From what ive seen its like this until they decide its time to lay eggs. I'm far from a expert but i read alot haha.

Sometimes she will have a attitude adjustment and let the male in.

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a also just picked up the same clowns you did and i talked to my lfs they said that in the wild these guys host in pretty large anenomes so maybe its because you got a small anenome?do you have any pics of your new clowns :)

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That is very normal behavior and when they do begin to lay eggs it will ease up some. It is just her way of showing she is the boss.