question on controlers


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im think very hard about getting a controler...i have never had one, but i think with all they can do i need one...i have learned thu buying stuff and rebuying, its better to ask yall then just do it myself. so with that said, this is what im looking at....has anyone used or have one...any advice would be great...thank you ahead of
I ordered a ReefKeeper 2. I will get it Thursday. I ordered it over the other one cuz it had the PH Monitoring. I read a thread where some felt the additional $50 was not worth the differences...........I stopped reading. :lol:
From what i gather the Reefkeeper has dedicated channels for certain devices that cannot be changed, whereas the AC JR would allow control of any given device that one wanted to use. I have no firsthand experience with the Reefkeeper so I could be wrong. Overall both units look really nice and will get the job done, but the AC seems more flexible.
I have the Reefkeeper I, for about a year now, great. All 8 channels are addressable, MH, reg light, fan, heater, chiller, pump, powerhead and prograble wave and feed cycle. Use temp probe for fan and chiller/heater, 78 heater goes off79 fan comes on and 80 chiller comes on. I hear the II is even better. See ya Sunday Rich
thanks for the clarification John. certainly makes the reefkeeper 2 much more attractive to me.
well i like webserver, but i dont like that heater and chiller can t both be controlled...but the lighthouse does ORP to...but the RK2 does 8 on/off switches...and the lighthouse does 4...guess i need to figure out how important webpage is....Neptune AquaController Pro has web page and all that the RK2 has...but its way more......this is kinda hard to
the reefkeeper 2 will be like the AC in that they will be adding more functions that you will be able to download and update the controller. Check out the Digital Aquatics forum and read some of the posts.
One year with the first Reefkeeper. It does everything I want with no problems. Already had a Pinpoint PH controller, so I don't need that option. Reefkeper - good unit that I'd recommend especially considering the price.