Question on filteration


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I am thinking about getting rid of my power filter and adding a second protein skimmer. Are power filters even needed at this point? My tnak is as follows: 55 gallon, regular flourescent lighting, coralife ss 65, 60 pounds live sand, 25 pounds live rock, coral beauty, two clowns (false percula), yellow tailed damsel, blue damsel, bi color blenny, two cleaner shrimp, one turbo snail, one other snail ( not sure what kind, but it burrows), and 12 small hermit crabs.

I was thinking of getting a bak pak (possibly a clone of the dual bakpak from reef octopus), or maybe a remora. I'm planning on keeping the css 65 skimmer. Would the dual bakpak with the css just be overkill? Is my tank bio load big enough to get anything but green water from multiple skimmers?
ph= 8.3
ammonia and nitrite=0ppm
nitrate on the other hand is about 40ppm

thanks for all the future comments and replies!