questions about assigning addresses to DC4 and DC8


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I'm having some difficulty assigning the right addresses to a combination of 2 DC8s and a DC4. The instructions show how to assign either numbers 1-8 or 9-16 to the DC8. The instructions show how to assign 1-4, 5-8, 9-12 or 13-16 to the DC4.

Can I somehow assign 1-4 to the DC4, then 5-12 to the first DC8 and 13-20 to the second DC8?

Can I do this using the same Letter A for the address? Or do I need to call the DC4 by one letter and the DC8s by another letter?


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Sorry John, it won't work that way. The ID assignments are fixed based on the switch settings.

If you start with your DC4 using the "A" designator and then use one of the DC8s with the same designator, you would have something like this;

DC4: A1-A4
DC8: A9-A16 (Note the skip in A5-A8)
DC8: B1-B8

Another thougth is to assign each DC it's own ID. We do something like this;

DC8 #1: A1-A8
DC8 #2: B1-B8
DC4HD: C1-C4

For us, it makes it easier to remember which plugs are on which control module.