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I have a couple of questions for some experts.

What are the disadvantages of dumping some of the overflow's water directly into a refugium?

There will be a sump and refugium in the basement. It works much better for me to have the refugium above the sump. I don't want to pump the water up to the refugium.

I know that it would be better to run pre-skimmed water through the refugium; however if it is not that big of a deal it would save me a pump and the cost to run it!!!!!

Has anyone used a Blue Line pump?
Reviews? Suggestions of other brands?

Any Thoughts?
Thanks in advance!


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To me I guess there are so many variables to consider that it's hard to say if it's going to be better or worse to have the water diverted before it's skimmed.
You may already have more flow than the skimmer is able to handle so diverting the flow won't starve the skimmer.
If your keeping a refugium to grow pods and such for the main tank then having a fresh food supply for them wouldn't be a bad idea either.

I don't rely to heavily on my skimmer so I don't worry about it getting everything out of the system. I would rather have the micro fauna and do several small water changes a month.

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panworld/ bluelines rock quieter than iwaiki. . I have had 2- one sold due to being the wrong size for my system upgrade, the other powers my beckett skimmer .


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I agree with AJ I dump some of my water straight from the overflow into my refugium and have had no problems with anything...