Quick! If you had to pick 2 clams which ones?


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Which 2 would you pick:







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Love the light blue one and aqua with blue,also like the black but it might blend in too much with the sorrounding,curious where are you buying these clams,thinking of getting one or two,thanks.


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These are clams from the ORA group buy that I organized last week. Some people snoozed too long and didn't get in on time! ;)

2 of these will be joining an all blue ultra clam already in my tank.


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They are very nice but the mantles don't still look like that do they? Did you check for pyramid snails? Number 3 has a few of those tube worms on it's shell, break the tubes and pull the worms out, I found one of those had gotten under the mantle of a large gigas I used to have, it may well have been the death of that clam. People say those tube worms just scavange and they may well but they can sting and kill tissue if aggravated, from what I've observed in my tanks.
If they are normally open more than in those pics, never mind except for the worms and congrats on some really clams.
I saw your thread and didn't think about clams, clownfish is what came to mind. How big are they?


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I went with 2, 4 & 5.
they're not fully opened cause the pics were just a few minutes after getting them out of the shipping box from ORA. They'll be here on saturday, and I'll do the usually clam checks before they go into the tank.

Ya, those worms are annoying. I had to break one off my current maxima. They seem to pop up randomly around the tank.