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so I got a nice maxima clam the other week... put him in the sand and he knocked himself over... tried it again, same thing...I did this 4 times... did some reading and found that some like to go in rock work so I am going to try to place him there, but I have a question... do they need to be mounted vertically with the "mouth" facing the top of the tank? Or can they have, say a 45 degree angle to the top? Meaning they are half facing the top and other half facing the glass... thanks...
I hope you have the clam mounted first, that's usually really hard or very easy...IMO, you should find a small rock or clam shell and have it attach to it first. The soft underside if the clam is where the "byssal" is located, they use this to attach to rock....2 things here:
1. this makes them easier to mount
2. protects them from critters that may enter and destroy them

My clams are on the sandbed, in the beginning they use to jump but they settle eventually. Seems like, once they attach to something, they're really quite happy. I used the 2 part epoxy and made little "chips" in the shape of their "byssal" openings and stuck them in the sand, they attached in 3 to 10 days.

Good Luck