Quiet One 3000...


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is anyone running, or had problems with Quiet One pumps, as it became less and less of a quiet one since i bought it i pulled out the prop out and flushed it to see if it would shut up, it helped quite a bit but after about 5 minutes.. it completely shut off so i'm starting to wonder.. also when i plug it in i have to do so repeatedly before it spins, did i get a lemon or perhaps just make a mistake of getting it in the first place???

p.s this pump is only a week old:mad2: :mad2:
Had similar problems....not to mention the heat issue. Man are they cheap though!?!?!?!??! I've gone back to the old stand by - MagDrive for submersible.
...I have one, been running for a few months. What size do you have your input, and output (how many also). I had a problem with it being loud and running hot, and it was easily fixed after changing the sizes of the pipes I used.
I have the newest model, that I know of. Only bought it a few months ago. Started out really loud and hot, due to having the input at 1/2 inch, and 2 outputs at 1/2 inch. I changed my input to a 1 inch, and my heat and noise reduced drasticly. The tank is in my bedroom, and I can barely hear it, just enough to know that it's running.
its the 3000, submersed open input, 3/4 output, 5ft head pressure 3/4 is the fitting they included with the pump, it has the blue body
i'm staring at it right now and its running fine, but if it quits in the middle of the night my mentally unstable percs wont be able to make thier nightly trip to the sump:rollface:
It should not stop pushing water. The impeller may be out of round. Replacing the impeller (if you can find one) should fix the problem. Is the magnet scored?
nope everything looks perfect, after it locked up i took it back apart and checked it out, nothing out of the ordinary, but like i said i had to plug it in and unplug it several times to get it to spin, i dont know it might just be haunted...:)
isnt it past your bedtime old man! haha see ya in the morn i'm hittin the hay i just hope this pump doesnt do the same