quiet one pumps


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Ocean Runner and Eheim are much better choices. I prefer the Ocean Runner as it is half the cost of an Eheim and slightly more energy efficient. I have tried Quiet Ones and had a QO4000 burn up and electrify my tank. My chiller ran non stop for a day before it got my attention. Once I located the problem the temperature went down right away. Needless to say I trashed the pump and replaced it with a OR3500.
The QO also had major restart problems, was not all that quiet and required frequent cleaning due to a build up of calcium on the impeller shaft. I rarely clean my other pumps?


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Umm, Velocity pumps are dead silent, but not many use them any more due to heat transfer.

QO won't restart if you've used it for a few months. Terrible pumps.


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Well, I've been running a pair of Quiet One 4000's as my return pumps now for close to two years without any problems. They always restart and are quiet. They do get a vinegar bath every 4-6 months and I don't dose anything, as my tank is not a reef tank.