Quiet Skimmer recommdation


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I just got a hydor nano slim skimmer recently, it works very well for my 38gallon tank. But its making really loud hum noise so i have to turn it off at night. its my first skimmer so I'm comparing skimmer noise with my vortech mp10 noise which its dead silent.

i'm currently looking into reef octopus 1000 but i'm afraid its going to making the same hum noise from the pump.

let me know if anyone can help me out


A sea K

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My Reef Octopus 110 classic uses the same pump (aquatrance 1000) and I can't recall it being noisy other than sucking air for the venturi.


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Coral Box DC skimmer was cheap and quiet for me. My Vortech MP10QDw is louder than the skimmer.