Qustion for Martin Lakin's Dec. tank of the month

Hi Martin,

Your tank is amazing!! It has to be the best reef I have ever seen on the internet. I was interested in trying the spray bars you use to achieve natural currents within the tank. Currently I just use powerheads which produce that very unatural concentrated line of current, which is compounded by the fact that Im working with little space(My tank is a 50 gallon 36"x15"x 20"). I do have a wavemaker that alternates the powerheads but I would like to try using the spraybars to give more of an even flow that is'nt too harsh on any one spot. I would appreciate it very much if you could tell me how you built or where you bought the spraybars.
Thank you,
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I am so sorry for not responding earlier, I missed your post, most of the other queries were on another thread.

Anyway, the spray bars do, in my view, overcome the problem of having a single high pressure outlet, however the down side is they significantly reduce the flow. I have since started to use the new Tunze streams, in addition to the spray bars.

I made the spray bars using ABS pipe, and drilling 3mm holes, every 1" or so, along the entire length.

Hope this helps