R/O membrane

Briney Dave

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I just got a spetrapure in line meter for my R/O unit. It was an eye opener for sure. I am taking nearly 200 from the tap and the out put was not too much better

I replaced the filters and still got about the same numbers. I think I have trashed the membrane?

I am ordering a new one today, but was wondering if it would be a good idea to add another canister or two in line before the membrane. I have my old unit as a back up that could be plumbed to use just the two pre filter and carbon filters.

I was thinking of a 3 micron then a one micron then back to back carbon filters

what do you all think about that??


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I'd give them a shout. A lot of the good RO/DI companies (BuckeyeFieldSupply, AirWaterIce, FilterGuys, Spectrapure) are knowing for both their good products AND their solid support.