Radion Gen 2


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Does anyone else have this light hanging over there tank? The Radion Gen 2, I am wondering what power level you have it on....



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i do not, but i am chimming in cause this is a good question here in the nano section. havent heard about them on a nano before, so ill be watching this one...


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About 40% was good when I had mine, upgraded to the pro and have it a bit lower for now. Not seeing the best color or response from corals but who knows, its a new tank.


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Not over my nano, but over a 55 gallon. I am @ 40% and getting great growth for SPS all over the tank and LPS (Scoly,plates, etc.) on the sand.


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I have the Pro unit about 8 inches above water level and started at 45% and set to climb up to 65% over acclimation period.


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I have mine at 10" above the water. The brightness is set to 55%. I'm running a time modified version of Jon's shared graph from EcoTech. I'm seeing great color, I have not seem any growth as of yet. My tank is still very young. I will up the light to 60% brightness this weekend. That's as high as I'll go for the time being.



I have mine about 8 inches above the water level maxing out at 50% on radiant. I've only had them for about two weeks so we will see how things go.