Radion pro issues


The Watcher
Hi all I have 4 Radion Pros 9 " over the waterline on a 70*30*30

I am wondering what intensity would be reccomended? I only have a few corals at the moment, and the ones I do have are very pale, e.g. my frogspan.

I was runnning them at 80% with the radiant config after a 4 week acclimation as I thought with such a deep tank and some very large Maxximas on the bottom that I would need that intensity. I am now thinking that it was too much.

Does anyone else have a 30" deep tank? If so what intensity are you using?


Northern Reefer
I don't have a 30" tank, but I would still drop them down to around 50% and see how things react. These lights are very powerful and can bleach corals if they are not used to it.


New member
I'm running my 3 radions on a 72-30-30 tank at 45%. My frogspawn and Duncan are loving it.

However, 50% isn't that much more. ;)