Radions and Vortechs Programming for a successful large LPS/SPS Reef Tank.


Looking for some information from someone who keeps a successful large LPS/SPS Reef Tank. I have a Red Sea Reefer 750XXL which is 160 gallon display with 40 gallon sump. The lighting is 4ea G1 Radion Pro's with the two center ones placed like normal and the two end ones are 90 degree perpendicular. I have two Vorthech MP40's with one centered on each end about 9" from the tank top. I'm running a Vectra M1 for return the pump and it is set at 85%. I'm looking for some input from an aquarist who is successfully keeping a large LPS/SPS tank. A few questions:
1. How do you have your Radions programmed?
2. How do you have your Vorthechs programmed?
3. What is the GPH of your return pump?
4. Do you have an automatic feeder and if so what equipment do you have programmed when it activates and how?
What other tid bits of relevant information can you provide?

I would really appreciate receiving viable information from someone with relevant experience please.

Thank you


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