Radions for an 8ft tank


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How many gen2 Radions would I need for a 96" tank that is 30" deep (300g tank). It would be mostly softies, but some SPS.


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I would also say 6 as a good number.. I don't have any experience with them but most successful tanks I see have more than the manufacturer recommended amount.. I was planning on getting 3 for my 4footer fwiw(decided to stick with T5 =). .. If you don't mind shadows and you really do stay mostly softies the 4 might do it for you..


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4 should be good. The new lenses should be hitting the market in the next month or two as well that will give 36" x 36" coverage per unit.


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I ran one over my 18x18 cube and wouldn't have stretched it anymore than that.

At a bare minimum I'd want 6 over that tank but 8 would be my choice. 2 rows of 4 will give you plenty of options.

Fwiw I dumped the Radion and went back to T5s.


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I agree with rtparty that you'd need a minimum of 6. You probably would want to do the radion pro to add that extra punch to 30" depth. Also like rtparty, I dumped radions- they were the worst led light that I had tried. I went back to T5, and now use a "better" led system :)