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:rolleyes:I'm trying to raise the calcium in my reef tank because it's testing around 200. So I've been doing two part dosing for about two weeks, and I really can't say that my calcium has gone up much at all. Maybe by 20 ppm and that's all. My corals all look fine, but I know that 200 is way low for calcium. What can I do to raise it?
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I've split this into a new thread for ease of managing responses. :) 200 ppm is low enough that I don't believe the measurement. I'd get a second opinion at a LFS, if possible. Once the calcium level has been determined, a calcium chloride product like Turbo Calcium, is fine to raise the level, if that's needed. What salt mix is being used, and how does some freshly-mixed saltwater measure?

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i would do a water change. you can check yer calcium levels in the bucket first. if the numbers are still low, i wouldn't trust yer measure. i started using 2 part dosing and they don't seem to help unless you do a water change first and then keep up with the dosing.


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To echo what has already been said, I would double check your test kit to someone elses. What brand of salt are you using, and how often are you doing water changes? What do you have in your tank for corals?