Random equipment FS: 36" MH+T5, 30" Sump, overflows, return kits, return pump


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Random equipment FS: 36" MH+T5, 30" Sump, overflows, return kits, return pump

Upgraded my tank so I have some equipment for sale.* Looking for cash only to help pay for the new setup. Will be posing picks soon,* some are drying off and some are still soaking in vinegar. Here is what I have:

1) 36" Hamilton Cebu Sun 250w MH fixture $500
- Single-end metal halide lamp with an electronic ballast to drive the radium bulb. also has x4 39w T5 lamps. 4 power cords, 1 MH, 2 for T5 (outer, inner) and the fan.* Comes with legs for a 36" tank or hooks for hanging.* I hung mine and can give you the stuff I used to hang it.* The Radium bulb was bought in September and only ran for 5 hours a day so you can get another 6mo to a year out of it if you run it short too.* The T5 bulbs are very new, with in the last 2 or 3 months.* I have x2 ATI blue+ and x2 Giesmann purples.* Fixture is $690 new plus shipping and tax comes out to $750 if you were to buy from Hamilton.**

2) Eshopps R-200 Sump 3rd gen. + Filter tube $160
-*30"L x 14"W x 16" H.* Very nice and quiet sump.* Can accept dual 1" overflows perfect for herbie system.* central chamber is unfiltered and meant for a fuge.* I used it as my skimmer section and the skimmer section as a frag area.* I also bought a custom 7" filter tube so no more filter socks.* can be used as a media or filter floss section.* I will include a brush to clean the underpass to the skimmer section.* has built in ATO float valve but I never used it.* Also the return pump section is not the biggest so larger return pumps wont fit.* most Sicce and DC pumps fit fine.*

3) Eshopps Eclipse M Overflow Box (kit) - $60
- low profile overflow box for up to 800gph.* drain area is on outside of tank, overflow box inside.* has dual drains and can be set up like a herbie system.* Very quiet!* I have one side plumbed with a gate valve and a strainer which I will include if you want it.* Also comes with the glass diamond tipped hole saw and hole saw guide so you can drill your tank.**

4) Glass Holes overflow box - $40
- 700gph.* has black overflow box lid and diamond tipped glass hole saw*

5) Glass Holes 3/4" return kit with lockline - $15
- comes with hole saw*

6) Sicce Syncra silent 2.0 568gph - $50
- used for about 2 years, works perfectly.* will keep if it doesnt sell since it the same pump my skimmer uses.* comes with all random adapters that came with it.*

7) 40g breeder - $20
-*drilled for either of the overflow boxes above and return line. Free if you buy an overflow, return and sump.* There are some scratches on the back and sides, and a few on the front but last I checked, nothing more than light scratches from the mag cleaner.**


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Cebu Sun: $450

Eshopps R-200 Sump w/ Strainer $150:


Eshopps Eclipse M Overflow w/ Gate Valve $60 (w/ holesaw and drill guide)

Glass-Holes.com Overflow and Return $35 for overflow, $15 for return (w/ holesaw):

Drilled 40g Breeder ($20 or free if you buy something)

I'd also be willing to sell the stand and side cabinet, but not sure on price. They are pretty nice and I woudn't mind keeping, but if the price is right, I would let them go.


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I will sell for less.* Make an offer on what's left: Light, Return Pump and glass holes overflow and return.*

I want the drilled 40g breeder out of my garage so free for the taking, or I will take it to the dumpster soon.