Random post: Help finding favorite build thread!


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So here goes a random post. I have a favorite build thread I came across a while ago, pretty sure it was on reefcentral. I don't seem to have bookmarked it anywhere, and now I can't find it! Hoping someone recognizes the description and can point me to it, it was a pretty long thread, and a fairly popular tank.

From what I can remember, I believe it was a medium size shallow cube tank, in the 40-80 gallon or so range, with I believe a corner overflow. It was setup in the middle of a fairly nice looking living room, very clean setup, with all the plumbing hidden in the stand and sump underneath, a single light fixture suspended overhead. The tank had a very natural, shallow lagoon sort of look, with a few larger rocks with space around and between them, with a sand bed. It had very unique stocking, with things like sponges, gorgonians, I think maybe a flame scallop and a lion fish? Had some corals, but wasn't packed with neon colored acros or anything.

I think it may have been somewhere around 2013/2014, maybe as recent as 2016 or even 2017, don't think it was older than 2012.

Anyone recognize this description or something similar?