Rattling Wetside on MP40


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I have one of my wetsides that rattles at medium speed, but is OK on slow and on fast. When it rattles, I can actually see the entire wetside assembly turning slowly on the tank wall. It is on a pump less than a year old (though to be fair I'm not sure that I have necessarily kept the correct wetside with its corresponding dry side). I bought the maintenance kit and replaced the screw, propeller and the bushing .... but it hasn't really helped even though there is no obvious signs of wear. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Alex Y EcoTech

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I would recommend giving the wetside a very good cleaning checking for any potential wear or obstructions. From there, please verify that the pin spacer on your dryside is set to the correct aquarium thickness.


Grizzled & Cynical
I had done that. So, I went with the classic 'do nothing and hope it goes away' ..... and it did! :lol:


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Good evening ca1ore,

My MP40 wet side is doing the same thing as your wet side. I've soaked my wet side in vineager for a 24 hour period, disassembled and cleaned all the components of the wetside unit, and for the love of me, the wetside will run ok for a hour or so, then chattering and rattling sound begins. In the past week, I've fine tuned and aligned the wetside about 6 times per day. When I go into feed mode, the fish even freak out because of the noise.

Thinking I could possibly have crack in my magnet, which would create a unbalance, the magnet is just fine. The bearings and spacers seem fine as well.

In reading Alex's earlier post, I've done all of those suggestions and more.

With my second MP40 which I purchased last month, the pump and wetside are dead silent.

Since the wetside and pump are only 10 months old, I'll going request for a new wetside, which I'll email the support team at Ecotech and give them the serial # of my MP 40 and the description of the problem with my wetside.

Thanks and have a good evening,