razor blade broke into pieces


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Any danger to a few pieces of metal braking off into my buddies 55? He said he was able to get a couple pieces out with his mag float, but he thinks theres still a couple little pieces in there. Should he be freaking out? It would freak me out, but im pretty anal when it comes to my tank. Thoughts? Feelings?


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i would try to get it all, but would not lose a whole lot of sleep if i missed a few - remember - GFO stands for granular ferric oxide (i.e. rust)


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if it was me i'd be trying to get it all out. he might be able to use a fish net to sift through the sand in the area where the blade broke?


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Worse case the iron will feed algae I would think. Maybe cut you if it is long and sharp enough. Mag float should get it all out so I would not worry about it.


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OMG your tank is gonna crash!!!! Just kidding. Been there, done that. Get as much out as you can, avoid cutting yourself and you should be fine. The rest will break down in a matter of days.