RBTAs/Orange Ricordias FS


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Hi All,

Going to be breaking down the big tank this week. As I break down I will have quite a few RBTA's and Orange Rics available.

RBTA's 35/lg 25/med

Rics 15 ea.

I'm in Montauk, but what I can do is either send them back west with someone, or meet up in Riverhead or at Aquahut on the weekend.

I'm not sure how many I have, probably 10-12 of each, so it's first come first served, and I'll try and make as many people happy as possible.

Please post requests in thread.




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I would be interested in a med RBTA - I am in Islip, PM me with what you would like to do as far as meeting up this weekend.


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Petris25, Ok, I will mark that down. I will Pm you later this week about coming to Aquahut.

Dave, If I come west it will be only to Aquahut to meet many people at once. Otherwise, you'll have to make your own arrangements. Maybe somebody coming here will bring stuff back for you.


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I bought most of recordia, and will donate some to LIRA members in next meeting on Friday, Feb. 6.

I also have a 5" RBTA to be donated.