re: do corals go through cycles? (help)


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re: do corals go through cycles? (help)

I just developed some cyano in my tank and it's starting to spread.
SG = 1.025
Temp = 82
Nitrates = 0
Ph = 8.4

At the same time, my plate corals are looking thin and somewhat withdrawn, my organ-pipe is completely retracted, and my toadstool is completely retracted.

On the other hand, a little baby organ-pipe looks great. So do my pulsing xenia, mushrooms, yellow polyps, brown polyps, frogspawn, and shrimp.

- are the weak-looking corals related to the cyano problem? or do corals just go through cycles and retract like that? (It's been two days)

- other than testing TDS of freshwater, changing light bulbs, and reducing feeding, is there anything else I should do?

Thanks a lot. I'm nervous.


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Cyano sucks. I think I have had a cyano issue in my history for every one of your ich ones.

My leathers do go through cycles. The GSP is having a similar issue. I would be a little more concerned about the pipe organ and plate, as these are not quite as resiliant. I dont have much feedback on those.

It sounds like you have done the reading and have a plan. The real trick is determining and eliminating the source:
If you feed or suppliment with phyto (or the like), cut back some.
Keep any filter media clean.
Suck the cyano on the sand surface up with a small siphon (water or airline) daily, if possible.
Try some Poly Filter media to pull out phosphates (short-term).

I know others on here can provide more insight, but I do have some experience on this one.


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Decrease feeding, adjust the skimmer to produce wet skimmate.
Do you check calcium and alk. Maybe you have two different events. First when you say plate corals are these Montiporas?
Organ pipe(soft), toadstool (soft) if this is the case they do not get along, especially taodstool can get really aggressive towards other corals.
Are you using activated carbon ( nice word for charcoal) in a canister filter or any other way?
Although your tank is mostly soft corals there is the chance that they are releasing toxins, this is what is call the chemical warfare.
Mixed reef tanks tend to be more difficult than single species tank like SPS or LPS.


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Well, I tested my RODI water with a TDS meter in Madison today and it was 130!

So I bought new pre-filters and a new membrane for my RO unit since it's obviously bad. Maybe the organ-pipe and toadstool are suffering from horrible top-off water? Maybe that's also contributing to the Cyano?

Thanks for your help.


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That'll do it. You will probably still have to do some of the things mentioned just to get it back in check. One step is to get it to stop growing, the next is to get what you have to go away.


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Toadstool is still not out (been about 5 days)

What about RO water from PickNSave for 39 cents a gallon? Can I use that until my RODI unit comes? Is that water safe and pure?