Reading Salifert tests

Reading Salifert tests

  • First color change

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • Full color change

    Votes: 12 70.6%
  • Average

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Do you take the reading from the first slight color change, the full color change or take the average from the 2.


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On which kit?
On Calc, Alk and Mg. I don't use any others but was assuming the principle was the same for all Salifert test Kits


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Directions say to wait, so I wait. I figure they might know what they are doing, that's why I pay so much for the kits.


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Full color change. If after some gentle shaking and a 20 second wait the color isn't a solid expected change, I add another drop to make sure it has completely changed. That is my reading.

This works for alk, ca, and mg.


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melev + tigereye37 - Thanks. I wasn't sure there was a definitive answer. I will follow your guidelines

pledosophy - Thanks for the useful input.