Recently acquired live rock and sand questions


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I got some live rock and sand from a friend for free and the only problem is the rock has aptasia all over it. I am going to dry it out and kill off the aptasia because it is so bad. What is the best way to do this and will I need to cure the rock later before I put it in an established tank?

With the sand I rinsed it really well in the bucket with a garden hose until all the detritus was gone. Is there anything else I need to do to this sand before adding to an established reef tank?



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i wouldn't use the sand if it was me. If you want more sand i would just get new sand because you don't know if theres nitrates or phosphates locked on the sand.


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You should think about cooking the rock, if you dry it out enough to kill the aptisia you will need to cycle it again plus unless you have a very good idea of what the rock was like in the old tank it could have a lot of phospates etc locked up in it.
Cooking it will make sure yo uhave clean and cycled rock.