Recommend me a Wrasse


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20 gallon bare bottom with lots of live rock

Other tank mates:
Tailspot Blenny
Blood shrimp (maybe, depending on how cool wrasse selection)

I'm looking for a reef safe colorful and small, something that stays fairly active, preferably not a six line or mystery wrasse. Also looking for something uncommon.

Leaning toward the possum wrasse group, anyone with experience with these?


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Would suggest a small flasher wrasse, there are a few, see what looks best for you


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I'd get a pink streaked wrasse. Iv'e had mine for about 2 years and hes awesome. They're super peaceful and mine is more than happy in my 20 gallon.


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Fourlined wrasses are colorful and a little different. The pygmy wrasse is a good size, but I think they can be a bit more cryptic.


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Do you have two clowns? If so, I would say that with two clowns, a chromis, and a blenny thatbyou are pretty well maxed out. But if you insist on another fish, I would not get a possum wrasse. They are very docile and some of your inhabitants (clowns and chromis) will likely pick on it. A possum wrasse should ideally be added first and housed only with very peaceful fish. I have a possum wrasse and love him but he is currently the only inhabitant in the tank. He is very personable especially for a possum wrasse. I really don't think any of the other wrasses would be a good fit for your tank. Perhaps look at some gobies like a hectors goby, etc.