Recommendation for dual return pump for 300g tank, 100g sump


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I've ordered a 300g acrylic tank from Acrylic Creations, supposed to be here mid August +/-. Tank is 96L x 30W x 24H with dual overflows at the ends. I'm going to use one of the Rubbermaid 100g stock tanks for the sump. Im starting out freshwater but then eventually turning over to saltwater in a few years likely. Needing some suggestions for return pumps I can use for both, budget is around $200 a piece for both. If its absolutely worth going $100 more, I can potentially swing $300 a piece but It needs to be justified lol.

The calculators dont work for me on the home page but judging from other resources, I need around 1600ish gph for 4x turn over at 400g(300g tank, 100g sump & freshwater). Not sure since im running dual pumps if both need to be rated around 1600 or just need the pumps to be able to achieve that combined. Also not sure how head loss will factor in but heres a diagram I mocked up in paint and took a guess at pipe lengths(ignore it says 150g on the stock tank lol).


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If you have it in a basement where nobody cares about the racket (and it's loud) a Japanese motor Iwaki of some level of power is self-protective and has an impeller that is two dimples in a solid stainless steel cylinder, so it never wears out. Only problem I've had since 2007 is a colonista snail that managed to get in and get lodged exactly in one of the dimples. The snail did not win, but the pump lost some of its power until I got in and dislodged the shell. Easy in, easy fix. I think the things are indestructible short of a meteor strike.


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2 Eheim 1262s should do it. Bulletproof pumps I have had one running continuously for over 10 years.