Recommendation for powerhead in Reefer 170


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I have a Reefer 170 (42 gallon) tank that is a mixed reef that has been up for about a year. I have just had two small Hydor's on it and I want to upgrade. I have an MP40 on a larger tank and I have had Gyres in the past as well. I was between 3 options:

1) 1 MP10
2) 1 Nero 5
3) 2 Nero 3's

As I have the small Hydors, I can use one of these in combination with the single Nero 5 or MP10. However, 2 Nero 3's might also do the trick. Would 1 Nero 3 work? I didn't really consider this but I haven't had a small tank like this before.

Any thoughts / suggestions? You will note that I didn't put in their a Gyre. After many years with Gyre's, I am taking a break from them. (don't really like all the maintenance with the Gyre's)



Thanks in advance.