recommendations for quite pump?


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hey all,

I have been running a Reeflo marlin return pump on my system for a couple years and it was a decent pump. It started to sound like it was going to throw a bearing or something, so I went back to the pumps I used to run, the Iwaki's. I put an Iwaki MD100 on my tank but the noise is quite annoying... for whatever reason, I can really hear the high pitched whine of it, but my wife says it it's okay (she's either tone deaf or just being nice...).

what would you guys recommend for a real quiet return pump? I have a fair amount of head as the return line is routed through an inline chiller on the other side of the wall. I had both the marlin and iwaki throttled back... I was thinking about maybe a Hammerhead which might give me about the same amount of flow at the returns since they are a high volume pump but it drops off quickly as they aren't really a pressure rated pump... decisions decisions....



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Jeff I just had to send My Baracuda to Reeflo and have the bearings replaced.
If you want the info PM me.
As for the Hammer head thats a good choice.
John at Your Reef had a used one awhile back I dont know if he sold it Think he wanted like $100.00 for it would be worth checking out instead of buying a new one JMO


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The China brand one that Aqua Works sells for $99 bucks makes ZERO noise and pumps a bunch of water. It comes with a bunch of fittings and extra o rings. A great value! I've been using mine now for six months and not a peep out of it.


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I've had bad luck with my quiet one. It does not restart once stopped unless I jam something into the impeller to try and get it going again.

Although I've not used a eheim personally, their reviews are excellent, and when I start my new setup, that's the route I'll be going.


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eheim for sure, but it probably won't be strong enough for you.
if you need something stronger but silent, look into the red dragon pumps.


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do you know who carries them? haven't heard of this brand before...

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