Recommended Lighting


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I was wondering what lighting you would recommend for my 29gl tank. Dimensions are 30x12x17 or 18, something like that. I am planning on keeping softies and a few anemones. Maybe a low light clam also. I think someone at your store recommended the Power Compact system. The setup that runs at around $150. Would this be good for what I'm planning to keep? Thanks.
I think this would be OK. Frankly I can't stand PC lights, they break, they burn out the ballasts are unreliable and the color rendering is mediocre. If you aren't in a real hurry I will have some new options in a few months. One would be a European PC pendant from Giesemann, this solves a couple of problems, the ballast will be more reliable and the Osram bulbs have a heavier bridge and are less fragile, price however will be double but it is a nicer fixture with 2 lamps 110W. The other technology emerging is T-5 lamps- equal to PC but less fragile and dimmable. A 70w Metal Halide is the absolut best option but you will spend about $300, I see you are young and probably can only dream to buy something like this much as I did. I used to wish to some day own an Eheim or a Tunze, fortunately when you get older you can put yourself in as much debt as you want buying toys. For now the PC fixture is a good option but go with the Brite Lite- the Smart Lite bulb is not so good. Be careful with the bulb, and always use a glass plate over the aquarium to protect the fixture. For actinic keep the regular strip you have and buy a T-8 Osram 18w actinic at the shop it will give you beautiful color and it is only $15.
Well, I'm not in that much of a rush. I actually have about $150 in my wallet and about $500 more in my bank account. I don't really WANT to spend $300 on lights though. I still am going to add two more fish before I start getting softies. I wouldn't mind waiting a month or so for the T-5 or the European PC. How long will it be until you have those in stock? If it will be a while longer than that I will go with the Bright Light and the T-8 Osram. Also, I don't know if I can really ask you this, but how old do you have to be to work at AquaTek? 21? Thanks :)
We only have the requirement of a masssive amount of knowledge and a lot of dedication. I have had a few employees who were 16-18. Unfortunately we are not hiring right now and unless the economy suddenly improves we won't be for some time. Remember, Dell, Compaq, Motorola and Worldcom all had a big presence in Austin and their corporate behavior which ranges from bad mannered to criminal has devistated the cities economy. At this time we are just working to hang in their and have had to cancel alot of store improvement projects. The T-5s unfortunately come in length only as short as 34.5" , the PC hood from Giesemann will be available in about two months.