Recycling Dehumidified H20?

Matt Rise

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Just a thought... has anyone ever tested the water in their dehumidifier for TDS? Does anyone replace the water that has evaporated from their system with the water pulled out of a dehumidifier? See where I'm going with this? Thanx....discuss :)


Schrodinger's ***
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The water might be fairly pure, as it is essentially distilled, but I've read that dehumidifier water contains a lot of mold and bacteria, as well as dust and other particulates from the fans and coils. I wouldn't try it myself.

Matt Rise

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If you are running an open top tank, it would be sucseptible to mold and dust anyway. I have always run open tanks to help with gas exchange and evaporation. This was just one of those thoughts I had right before I fell asleep. :)


In Memoriam
The salt might kill the fresh water bacteria. Its an interesting idea. All the same, dehumidifiers are know to harbor bacteria so you should probably bleach the system periodically to be safe. Of course making sure that no bleach remains for the next top off.