Red algea taking over my tank


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what can i do about this algea? is there something that will eat it? I have 3 pic i'm going to include. The first pic is the first sign of this algae, it has now spread to the whole back of the tanks and to a few rocks.
That looks like cyanobacteria. They are photosynthetic bacteria that proliferate in young aquariums where they have a lot of phosphates to feed on. Do you use tap water to mix your salwater with? Do you test your water? If so, how is it testing out to be? What kind of filtration do you have? Some snails will eat them but the best way to control them is to get the source - the phosphates and nitrates they feed on.

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YES I test my water! my water test fine. that is why i'm asking what this is. I used tap water when i first setup the tank a few months ago. i have a canister filter, 3" sand bed anything i missed?

I'm getting ready to setup a sump, any advice on how to get rid of this bacteria would be great.


oh and here is what it looks like now
Are you still using tap water now? Have you tested your phosphates? Phosphates are the primary food for this algae. Are you setting up your sump as a refugium?

No i'm not still using tap water useing distilled water for now till I can afford a RO unit. no i have not tested for phosphates. I will get a test kit tomorrow. I'm setting up the Sump for my skimmer and my heater if i ever need it again.

what kind of snails feed on this algae?

Astrea snails will eat it.One way to make sure it's cyano is to blast some water at it with a turkey baster and if some comes loose it's cyano.For sure check your phosphates and if your levels aren't high , the cyano should fade out on it's own.
Water changes with RO/DI or distilled water will lower your phosphates. If you are using tap water and live in Belleville I'm sure they are quite high. Did you take the heater off of your aquairum?

I have controlled my red slime algae using tuxedo urchin. Although it can tip over corals as it grazes, it may be worth the try if your problem is severe. Once it has done its job, you should remove it to sump or refuge so it does go around eating your coralline algae. For red slime on the sustrate, try having few gobies, such as diamond goby. They will constantly turn over the substrate keeping the substrate free of any algae. Remember to cover the tank since gobies are notorious jumper.:)
There is a product called phos-zorb that a friend of mine used in some aquaclear hang on the back type filters for a 75 g.He said that took care of his phosphate just fine.I think figuring out any phosphate source and putting a stop to it is a better strategy.If you don't put it in you don't have to take it out.
Thanks for the info

I recently added my lights and now I need to find some better fans becasie my water temp is up about 6-7 deg so my heater really isn't doing anything