Red bug treatment


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with the status of your system you should definitely use quarantine. even if its for a few days so you can get a good look at your new corals.


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Redbug treatment update:

2-27-07 after trapping my last shrimp and putting him into a separate tank. I mixed up a whole pill (for 360 gal) and dump it into my tank in the morning before work. shut the air off on the skimmer intake and let it run that way for a while for the medication to work its way through all of the system, took out all the carbon and phosphate media and turning off the ozone generator.

Came home after work and everything looks normal, nothing was stressed so I turn back on my skimmer and it went to work right away skimming wetter then normal, later I did a 40 gal water change, put the carbon and phophate remover back into the system.

This morning I notice the pollups extension on some corals were much better so the red bugs have been killed and is no where to be found. I will do another treatment next week (double the dose of the first treatment) to get rid of any bugs that might hatch from eggs or bugs that survived the first treatment.

This whole process is very simple and no stress at all to anything except crustations.


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I just did a water change from my 2nd treament yesterday. Recent studies show that RB's are live bearers not egg layers so one super strong dose is enough to eradicate them. I just wanted to be sure so I did two treatments a week apart.