Red bugs?


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I think I have red bugs in my tank. I saw some tiny dots moving around very fast on my sps last night. Do the red bugs move really fast in a stop and go motion? Is it possible that they are not red bugs? or did I just spot them before exploding into mass infestation? Because, I got crazy polyp extensions on all my sps through out the day and night. Can you have PE and red bugs? I really don't want to treat my whole tank w/ interceptor b/c of my acro crabs.

I saw it on this coral last night.




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they can move pretty fast... over time the bugs WILL be detrimental to your corals. They will most likely not die and may even grow but they WILL be happier WITHOUT the bugs...

just my opinion in my experience
Yes, I think they can move pretty fast. You definitely can have polyp extention on a coral with red bugs. I had one acro with red bugs that had great extention. I think it was because it was early when I caught the red bug problem.

I did not treat with interceptor but did an extended iodine bath on all acros that I that were affected. It solved the problem. Corals started to grow again and looking healthier. No signs of red bugs. So, just a thought. Try the iodine dip first and see if it works.