Red Coris Wrasse REEF SAFE ?


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Hey guys

My dad bought me a Red Coris Wrasse by just trying to be helpful and interested into my tank without me knowing.

Usually i would be grateful which i still am for the idea but ive heard they are pretty bad in reef tanks just seeing if its true ?

Its still a juvenile and i had to release the little guy in my tank since there was no other option right now (kind of dreading the effort of catching it later on).

I was alarmed when i phoned the LFS that he bought it off trying to explain to me that it was okay and its reef safe i just looked on Live Aquaria for the profile.

Anyways before i think yeh anyone that works at the LFS is a total moron (which almost always is true) is there any truth to what he said?


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hey brownsugar-

Coral safe yes it won't harm your corals - but it may eat your shrimp, snails, worms and such. They also burrow in the sand so make sure your rock work is secure.