Red hair help!


I t's not slime but red hair. It's just starting and trying to get a foot hold. I increaced water flow. I have 0 nitrates and 0 po4. It's in my fuge. It is starting to grow in my main tank where the water from the fuge flows in. I will be removing as much as possible by hand. All advice will be welcome.. thanks

Hi Victoria. I have quite a bit of the short, red turf algae in my tank and don't, personally, consider it a problem. It does spread readily but stays short (in my tank) and doesn't overgrow my corals. I have a tuxedo urchin that appears to graze it if the growth is thin, but I think he is just trying to get at the coraline that is under it. I don't have experience with an effective grazer for it. Dr Shimek recommends long-spinned urchins as effective hair and turf grazers. Good luck.