Red Macro


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Anyone know where to find this type of Macro?

I don't have it, I found the image it on this Website:

Also would it bee good in a refugium or directly in a reef?

Just Looking for more bio-diversity

That 's almost certainly Halymenia

The orange fringes may indicate recent environmental stress.
I've kept (and still keep) several species of Halymenia, and it requires moderate current ---enough to keep it free of fouling epiphytes-- and is not too picky about light.

You'll know its not getting enough light if pieces of it start breaking off. Each of these pieces, if stabilized, will anchor and grow. Halymenia are easy to manage, and true "reef-proper " algae, so I feel it is safe to recommend for a reef aquarium.

thanks good info. I am not sure it is Halymenia. It looks vastly different than this.


That I found Here

thanks again

Halymenia comes in about 40-60 different makes, and of those, maybe 24 species are pertinent to the tropical-reef aquarist's interest.

They range in form from the even more visually-disorganized (than your H. floresia) H. maculata to the slender-wispy order of H. durvillaei or H. harveyana --so that photo you found isn't quite so representative of the Genus.

Then again, I could be wrong