Red Sea Max 130


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Getting back into the hobby and bought a used RSM 130 that was missing parts. I am already too much $ in (saving for livestock) and don't want to fully upgrade yet to InTank media basket (love these but can't do this AND new skimmer quite yet). Hoping someone will have a recommendation on a skimmer alone, that will work - or maybe someone has an original RSM 130 skimmer they aren't using from their upgrade? Thanks in advance!


To the Max...
A media basket, in my opinion, would be much more beneficial at the beginning stages than a protein skimmer. There are several skimmers that will fit - the Tunze 9002 from what I remember will. I'd buy a good RODI unit and the inTank media basket over a skimmer and just do water changes. After the first six to eight months water changes will be less necessary if your bio-load remains under control.