Red Sea Ozonizer


Life Long Reefer
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I purchased a Red Sea Deluxe Ozonizer a few months ago. It just stopped working. I know its not your fault. Can you guys help me out with this ? Have you had any other problems with this brand? I noticed that the case is comming apart on it also. It does not seem like a top of the line quality.
thanks Jay

Jeremy B.

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Hi Jay,

I apologize you are having trouble with your ozonizer. We honestly do not get many reports of problems with them. If you could, please email me directly at and I'll be more than happy to get ahold of Red Sea first thing Monday to see how they want to handle the problem.



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Hi Jay,
In Jeremy's absence I'm trying to contact red sea for you. In the past we've had conflicting reports on how to handle the warranty so I want to be sure that I take care of this the right way. I use a red sea unit myself with no problems. Red Sea's Ozone units have been solid for us, so I think you must have just had a lemon.