Red Sea Sailfin Tang


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Some one has a 12 inch 10 year old SF Tang for sale. I would be adding it to a 310 tank with a 5inch yellow and 4 inch blue tang. I have a 4 inch blue throat trigger as well.

Do you guys think this is a good idea or not? I can't imagine the yellow messing with such a large fish to any extent but I do not have experience in this mix. Right now, all my fish play nice.



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If I was going ot worry about it, it would be that the yellow would take a swipe at the sailfin, and then the sailfin would beat the tar out of him.


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I have a 8-9" (truly, not exaggerated) RS Sailfin in with a bunch of other tangs (2 Purples, PBT, Hippo, Chocloate). He is a good citizen, but he eats a lot.

My tank is 7' long and he seems a little cramped some of the time. He has a new home coming in a 800G.

They grow fast and it could be way too big for your 300, if you feed it appropriately, in a year or so. If you don't feed it very well, then it will likely get VERY agressive towards your other fish.

I think that the fish will mix, but your tank is just a temp stop for the fish IMO.


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That would be a gorgeous fish thats for sure. yeah get a naso the size of your other tangs and should be fine. Let us know what you do though. man that sailfin must be beautifuL!