Red slime issues 2 weeks into cycle


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This is my current setup right now :

24g NanoCube
Filterfloss,Activated Carbon, Filterfloss in Chamber 1
Oceanic Biocube Protein skimmer in Chamber 2
Heater and Powerhead in Chameber 3
Korilia Nano
JBJ's Overflow Mod

21lbs of Live Rock (curing 2 Weeks in)
1/2 inch Live Sand

I have been letting the tank cycle for about 2 weeks now and I have noticed after the first week I had a diatom outbreak. Algae covered a few of the live rocks in my tank but as fast as it came it left. Then I noticed tiny creatures which I have found out to be copepods all over the tank. I figured that being a good thing. Since I am new to the hobby I studdy the tank to see if I see anything different from the last day. I notice little blotches of red with bubbles in it on like two places on the live rock. I have discoved that to be red slime. Also the past week my nitrates have been significantly higher, something like 5ppm -10ppm but I figured that was part of the cycle. I am not sure if I am missing something or if this is part of the cycle. If anybody could help me I would really apprecite it. Thanks for your help.


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For a Nano Tank 24g, you only have 1 powerhead?
The Koralia nano?

Cut back on the light, how many hours do you leave it on in a day?

Try cutting back the light exposure by half and add in another powerhead or two, so that there is a full body of water being circulated within the tank.

Heater can stay on, but at what temp is it set to? 72-77ºF?

What worked for me was, no light for 3 days. More flow in the "dead" zones. Too much flow may cause brown algae.

That's what worked for me though. Try it out.