Red Slime!!!


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I have a reef that has beed running for about a year. 3 months ago I had a crash and all my fish died. I have got it back into shape and everything is doing very good. But now I have a spot of red slime. Any advice on ridding my tank of this would be great.


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I usualy siphon it out. That seems to work well with small spots that occasionally develop about once or twice a year. Make sure you have enough flow in that area.


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you can take a toothbrush to the rocks that have it than syphin it out... if you get your phos in check you wont have this problem...redslime is usually caused by high phos all you could do is a major water changer to try and get them under control


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i agree add flow to the area.. you can also use chemipure if you can not get it all out...

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Get a hold of the problem ASAP before it gets a hold of your tank. Get those phosphates down with plenty of macroalgaes and you will be golden. Whatever you do get to the problem directly and as naturally as possible, IMO chemicall temp fixes are only opening the door for worse nightmares and are a waste of $.