Red Striped Anthias


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Does anyone have experience with Red Striped Anthias (Pseudanthias fasciatus)? Any info would be great. Hardiness, aggresiveness, compatibility, w/ other Anthias, etc. I saw them at an LFS and they caught my eye.


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IMO they are one of the hardier of the anthias. That being said, the key to having this experience is getting a properly caught and well adjusted fish. There can be fish that suffer from de-compression issues. Again obtaining a healthy fish or group goes a long way. From my experience they don't need to super heavy feeding that some of the anthias need, as long as they have good weight on them. Also once adjusted they are rather bold and will become rather aggressive feeders. I.E. Copps has one or more with some seriously sggressive fish and every picture I have seen of his fish feeding, the fasciatus is up at the top feeding rather than in the middle of the water column where many other anthias would be sent by more aggressive feeders in this environment. Hope this helps. T