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The attached image is a small redesign based on the feedback I recieved from my original post. I decided to keep with plans to place the bulkheads in the bottom of my tank. I had my tank custom built and there is no tempered glass. I also had my stand custom built around the tank to easily accomodate the bottom bulk heads. I took everyones advice and isolated my overflow, return, and bulkheads from the main volume of the tank using 3" transparent PVC pipe cut to 1" higher than my overflows. This provides me with +/- 18 linear inches of surface skimming, and also protects in case of bulkhead failure. I have a VERY basic design for my sump, but I am not sure it will work. Can you all please look at the new concept and see if it is better or if I should still redesign. Thank you! :D


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