Redoing a display tank,pros?cons?


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I am thinking of redoing my DT.65 gal up for a year and a half,recently had a problem with some of my acro colonies dying off and thought it might be a good time to redo the display,rearrange rocks,maybe replace my sand bed,clean things up and generally rearrange my corals.pros?cons?


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i just did a mini rearrange yesterday. have been having problems with cyano and needed to reposition a couple of power heads. also had a LOT of coral on my sand bed and wanted to move some to the rocks. that required rearranging/adding some live rock from my sump.

took me most of the day but i'm happy with it now. i didn't do anything with the sand (other than point the power heads lower). that's the only problem you might have with your tank being as old as it is (mine is just a few weeks). when you disturb the sand bed, you can kick up a LOT of gunk and that can cause a mini cycle (or a major cycle, depending on how deep your sand bed is).