RedSea Max Nano want to add AI hydra


New member
Hi. Has anyone figured out how to mount an AI hydra 52 light to the arm on the Red sea Max Nano?

Background: 100 gal tank just cracked and I didn't have it in me to start up a big tank right now, so just started the Red Sea Max Nano. The RSLED 50 is reportedly a good light, but it is no AI hydra! It only has blue and white, which is disappointing compared to the hydra. With the built in equipment and and all of my Neptune Apex monitoring there is no way to use the AI mounting arm to back of the tank-there is no room. I don't want to mount it to the side, hang it or put it on rails. I like the sleek design of the Red Sea mount. (I know it is a powerful light for this tank and will need to be way dialed down). Thanks!