RedSea Prism Skimmer Questions


I am considering the RedSea Prism Skimmer for a 10G FOWLR tank and am looking for opinions on and experiences with this skimmer. In particular, is it easy to use and maintain and how effective will it be in a 10G tank?

RedSea Prism Skimmer



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I have one on my 10 gallon, its ok if you don't mind adjusting it quite often. With a FOWLR tank you would be fine with out a skimmer as long as you stay on top of your water changes.


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I think they are hit and miss. I have one on my 29 SH tank and it's set it and forget it. Pulls out thick nasty stuff and has to be emptied every 4-5 days. My brother has one on his 10, and it's a little more finicky, constant adjusting and not pulling out the same kind of results I get. So it's a roll of the dice IMO, had I known then what I know now, probably wouldn't have gone with it. Economically, I wouldn't skim a 10 gal unless you were Frank'n'tank'n it with a sump :)