RedSeaMax 250 -- Free in Paradise Valley


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I am giving away two tanks: a RedSeaMax 250 (65g) all-in-one and a vanilla 20g tank. The RSM is in good shape, everything worked the last time I used it. Includes the original pumps, hood, bulbs, etc. I may or may not still have the skimmer; if I do, it is yours. If not, well, shrug. Includes the stand as well. The 20g is my old cichlid tank; I may or may not still have the hood and the light. I will look when you are on your way over to pick everything up.


1. Free.
2. No warranty. As is, you assume all risks.
3. You must take both tanks/everything. I will not part it out.
4. First come, first served. First PM to me that says "I will take it and I agree to your terms" gets it.
5. You must pick up the tanks/stand w/in 48 hours, at my house in Paradise Valley. You must bring a truck or RV big enough for everything, and you must bring at least 2 people to carry it.

Finally, I would ask you not to take this and sell it, since I could do that, but I would rather see someone put it to use. That said, what you do with it after you take it is up to you.


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I could use the red sea max for holding my live stock while my new tank is getting built.. After im done I can pass it on also.. would really help

PM sent